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Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Well hello there...allow me to introduce myself! My name is Lori Anderson. I first appeared on the internet back in 99 doing live webcam shows when we heard about other people doing it on the TV show 20/20. I couldn't believe the response I received from all the guys watching me. I became as addicted to doing it, as the guys watching I would cum all the time & I mean for real! Sometimes, my boyfriend would jump into the webcam show and I would suck his cock for like an hour while guys would watch us. It really turns me on to have strangers watch me in my most intimate moments. My favorite thing is when I'm told how to make YOU cum. I love to please, and nothing pleases me more than to make my members cum while I cum! It gets me off so hard knowing that, even in some small way, we're connected. Even if only for an hour. It's a complete mind and body rush like no other! So, if you like what you see, come inside and let's take this to the next level hon. Can't wait to meet you inside!! ~ XoXo Lori just click here.

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